The NAV Group is not authorized to provide insurances services.

However, Gerald Desjardins,  Peter Stewart ( QC & ON ) and Greg Duggan ( ON ) are independants licenced representatives to sell or discuss insurance through PEAK Insurance Services.

Several types of insurance are available :.

Mortgage insurance from financial institutions often better protects the institutions rather than clients. We, therefore, offer more advantageous and less expensive insurance to protect your family, not your lender.

This insurance is suitable for all those who have professional or self-employment income and/or overhead costs, as well employees wishing to top-up their group Long Term Disability insurance.

A form of health insurance that provides periodic payments when the insured is unable to work as a result of illness or injury.

Often called "wage insurance".

Insurance that provides financial protection for individuals who become unable to care for themselves because of a chronic illness, disability, or cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer's disease.

A living benefit product that provides a lump-sum cash payment on the first diagnosis of one of several contractually specified critical illnesses or events.

The individual insurance plan that starts when your employee health benefits stop. If you losing your health benefits, the economical protection offered by an Health individual insurance plan, can enjoy you many of the health benefits you had at work.

We have contracts with many companies to obtain the best price.

We help you to determine your actual needs, and then help you choose the most suitable product.

  • Term insurance
    Temporary life insurance payable on the death of the life insured, provided that death occurs within the specified period of time.

  • Whole Life Insurance
    Permanent insurance that provides a tax-free benefit upon the death of the life insured. See also Participating Insurance (below).

  • Universal Life Insurance
    Permanent life insurance where premiums are credited to an investment account from which periodic charges for life insurance coverage are deducted and to which income is credited. Usually, the policyholder can vary the amount and timing of premium payments.

  • Participating Insurance (PAR)
    Insurance on which policyholders share in the surplus earnings attributed to that business. "Policyholder dividends" are payable. The premium is based on an estimate of future earnings at a somewhat lower level and costs at a somewhat higher level than the company believes most likely will occur. See also Whole Life Insurance (above).

A contract that provides income payments at regular (typically monthly) intervals, either for a specified period or for the lifetime of the annuitant. Income payments may begin right away or be postponed to some future date.

Insurance designed to pay for certain unexpected costs that may arise when you are travelling, such as emergency hospital/medical costs, trip cancellation, lost baggage and accidental death insurance.